The following art works inspire and embody the all-embracing ethos of our SPHERE.


Right Here, 2014 by Michelle Blade depicts ecstatic, free-spirited dancers swirling in and around many moons. Michelle Blade’s dream-like existential images search for meaning within the universe. Her painterly style morphs vivid imagery into abstraction. Figures become one with nature and meld into celestial and emotional landscapes signifying humanity’s symbiotic and interconnected relationship with the natural world.


Exploration of alternative cities within an expansive universe is the theme of Tomas Saraceno’s cosmic art. His artistic practice envisions life in different “spheres”. He considers an existence hovering in the atmosphere where humans co-habitat and communicate based on a web of interconnectivity, vibrations, and emotional frequencies.


Emil Lucas’s Convergent heat #1600, 2018 created with string, depicts our universal interconnected existence.

SR sunset

SPHERE founder, Katherine Meadowcroft’s Sri Lankan sunset photo taken looking out over the rooftops of Galle. Everyone around the earth is mesmerized with sunsets as we ponder our passage in time. This is illuminated in the below image by Penelope Umbrico, in 5,377,183 Suns (from sunsets) from Flickr (Partial) 4/28/09. These many sunset photos are taken from people from around the globe and posted to the cyber-universe on Flickr, where the artist appropriated them and created a compilation of universal sunsets.



In the spirit of participatory gatherings is Kimsooja’s Unfolding Sphere, 2016 site specific installation where the artist and the audience sat at the table to create and transform clay balls.


Russell Crotty has been fascinated by astronomy and our existence within the vast universe since childhood. He pondered and studied the night sky for decades, becoming an accomplished amateur astronomer, which has inspired his drawings of our celestial world. In Globe, 2003, above, his nightscape drawing takes on a spherical sculptural form.

written by Katherine Meadowcroft

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