Our SPHERE, founded by Katherine Meadowcroft organizes gatherings for sharing conversation, rewarding exchange of ideas, community, inspiration, and spontaneity. Our SPHERE arose from the idea of opening a tea house that would host monthly inclusive pay-as-you-can community dinners where guests could unplug from their digital milieu to engage face-to-face in dialogue.

Unlike the typical model where you are invited to join the conversation as a listening audience, at SPHERE gatherings we want you to join in and be a part of the conversation. Rather than speakers, our invited hosts are Conversation Engagers, sharing their knowledge and expertise while welcoming and listening to your perspective.

SPHERE holds a vision to host a range of experiences: art exhibitions, immersive travel experiences, tea and wine tastings, conversational dinners, to mention of few.

Please visit our events page to learn about past and future gatherings and visit our contact page if you would like to be on our email list for future Our SPHERE developments.